Vscript® is used in a wide range of healthcare service organizations including medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs), hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, emergency rooms, NICU, growing medical facilities and many more.

Vscript® maximizes speed and versatility and provides the power to track any voice or document at the click of a button.

MT App
MD App
Admin App
Fax App
Upload App
Vscript Application Suite
The MTapp is a powerfully integrated transcriptionist application that is built to maximize the transcriptionist per line speed.
The MDapp is a physician and medical records web portal that enables physicians with complete electronic signatureamd electronic co-signature and much more.
The ADMINapp is the central administrative portal for MTSO managers, HIM directors, and facility managers to control their entire transcritpion environment.
The FAXapp is a distribution application that is integrated into the Vscript® system. It allows for real-time CC and referring physcian faxing and more...
The UPLOADapp is an application that allows the physcian to transfer digital dictations to the Vscript® in an easy, automated, and hands-free way.
The MedXchange system is an advanced HL7 interface engine that allows for high level patient demographic (ADT), surgical schedules (SIU), and Radiology Orders (ORU) automated data interchange.