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At MedCore Technologies, Inc., our Mission Statement has always governed the way we conduct our business. It highlights our desire to serve our Customers and gives us direction when we have to make service-related decisions. It is another way of saying, "we always strive to do the right thing!" Our Mission Statement has also led the way in ensuring that we deliver the best cumulative consumer satisfaction in our great products and impeccable development services.

In keeping with the spirit and intent of our Mission Statement, and as evidence of our wish to continually meet the expectations of our valued Customers, MedCore wants you to have a basic understanding of how we operate. We demand excellence in our products, services and Employees to meet and exceed your overall expectations.

The Employees of MedCore Technologies, Inc. understand our mission, and we are happy to share it, and the following information, with you, our valued Customer. Our Customer Service Commitment was designed and written in such a way as to clarify many of the most commonly questioned terms and conditions of our business and provide you with insight into some of our policies and procedures. And, MedCore is proud to incorporate its voluntary Customer Service Commitment in its official Contract of Business reinforcing our pledge to provide strategic, efficient, reliable, and effective solutions that are available in all of our products and services that we provide, as well as produce a fair return on our Shareholders' investments. We offer you this information in recognition of the great importance that we place on your business and your confidence.

At Medcore Technologies we aim to provide the best digital service:

  • Affordable transcription services. Our medical transcription service offers highly competitive rates, at a significant savings over comparable services.

  • Experienced account manager. We offer direct access to a highly experienced, responsive person, familiar with your account. This ensures your needs are covered, and any issues resolved, quickly.

  • HIPAA compliance. We use sophisticated encryption files to satisfy HIPAA requirements. Protection of patient privacy is our top priority.

  • Compatibility. Our service requires no change to your current workflow, and integrates with medical record software, including EMR. You can dictate using a handheld recorder or telephone.

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