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Vscript® is used in a wide range of healthcare service organizations including medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs), hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, emergency rooms, NICU, growing medical facilities and many more.
Vscript® maximizes speed and versatility and provides the power to track any voice or document at the click of a button.


Our Network Optimization Technology solutions provide you with a suite of technologies designed to solve your specific application challenges. These technologies can be fully managed within our Data Centers. This reduces any technological management that you have at your facility. Our Data Center Services offer a fully redundant and reliable infrastructure for business-critical applications.



Clinicians have been dictating using a wide range of methods over the past few decades. Today, most clinicians are familiar with Toll-Free phone systems and Digital Voice Recorders (DVR). Our transcription solution allows uploading of all audio file types along with offering a toll-free number for dictation at no cost to the dictator or facilities.



​Medcore Technologies has been in business for 10 years. We are HIPAA compliant for your protection.

The mission of MedCore Technologies, Inc. is dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit.

At Medcore Technologies we aim to provide the best digital service:

  • Affordable transcription services. Our medical transcription service offers highly competitive rates, at a significant savings over comparable services.

  • Experienced account manager. We offer direct access to a highly experienced, responsive person, familiar with your account. This ensures your needs are covered, and any issues resolved, quickly.

  • HIPAA compliance. We use sophisticated encryption files to satisfy HIPAA requirements. Protection of patient privacy is our top priority.

  • Compatibility. Our service requires no change to your current workflow, and integrates with medical record software, including EMR. You can dictate using a handheld recorder or telephone.




Dallas Texas

Tel: 1800 233 0493

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